In the beginning… there was the overeating of food

I started this blog a few years ago… specifically 2am the day before my 41st birthday. I am now 43.

I was up… sitting downstairs under the guise of working. The real reason I was up, however, was because of food. I ate 3 slices of pizza (really. good. pizza.) at 7pm the night before. I went to bed feeling like the food was still at my throat… and I still felt that way. My stomach had yet to process the food.

This happened quite often. More than I care to admit.

Sadly, the issue isn’t so much a faulty stomach, but what I’ve chosen to eat. What I continued to choose to eat, at the time I continued to choose to eat it, in the quantities I continued to choose to eat it… all of these were affecting my quality of life and the manner in which I lived it. The issue was my choices… and still is today.

Not only was it affecting me, but I see it affecting my daughter as well. I suspect her persistent medical issues have to do with those quick and convenient options I offer her, instead of simply cooking something healthy and nutritious for her to eat. I spend so much time under the gun, working for my business that I’ve now not only ruined my health, but I feel hers as well. She doesn’t deserve that. She deserves a mother who can set a good example.

I want to do that for her and me. I want to break this cycle.

So for now, this is a blog about cooking, changing my lifestyle and learning to value my body as a temple like God intended. I hope you join along in the journey with me.

Won’t you join me?

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