The Journey to Here – Part I

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~Lao Tzu

One day, my husband and I were getting ready for a fun day with the family. As I tried to slide into my jeans, I realized they were no longer fitting me like they did before.

That was a problem.

You see, I just bought these jeans maybe two months before for a job I started earlier this year. And it couldn’t be possible that I was needing to buy yet *another* pair of jeans.

It just couldn’t.

And so I broke down and started crying.

We had talked about loosing weight earlier in the year. About starting something together. Something where we could support each other.

But seeing me like that, he lovingly hugged me and said, “let’s plan on doing something this week.”

That was the point my husband and I truly said, “enough is enough”. We vowed to do something to lose the weight.

Later, we made a trip to a local weight loss centers. You know the one I’m talking about. You hear about it on the radio all the time. See commercials for it at all hours of the day. We thought this was going to be our solution.

As it turns out, God always has better plans for us than we do and the center was too rich for our blood. And far too impersonal for what we needed. We needed tough, compassionate love. We needed someone with a vested interest in our well-being… far more than just for the need of money.

That’s when we turned to our nutritionist friend, Wendy. Hi Wendy!

We’ve been working with her since July 20th, were we sat down and just poured our hearts out at her kitchen table.

To be brutally honest about our health, we were tired all the time, tired of feeling uncomfortable, tired of our bodies hurting, tired of not being able to see our toes when standing, tired of not being able to play with the girl, tired of missing out on awesome things because we felt too big, and tired of so many more things…

We were just tired.

And we were ready for a change.

So, at our visit that hot July afternoon, we made an agreement and asked Wendy to help us out… to help us find the people we used to be under all of this fat. She agreed.

Next… the clean out and prep…

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